Michael Clemens, your consultants in geotechnics Michael Clemens, your consultants in geotechnics
Telling the difference between contaminated and non-contaminated subsoil

Careful investigation of any brownfield site is essential for many reasons, e.g. environmental responsibility, stipulations and requirements imposed by supervisory authorities and simply good economic sense. Anyone intending to build on a previously used site under suspicion of containing dangerous waste is therefore well advised to take a thorough look at the subsoil.

Pollution of the subsoil and/or ground water raises a lot of questions. What are the risks involved? How can the site be used? Are there any conflicting issues? What redevelopment and disposal needs are there? And last but not least, what is the cost? Each individual case is unique and calls for a separate solution.

Brownfield Brownfield Brownfield

We provide a comprehensive and competent service for this type of problem, including on-site investigation, risk assessment, redevelopment recommendations, disposal concepts and supervision of the redevelopment work itself.

We are not satisfied until we can tell the difference between the "good" and the "bad" soil and have provided you with a sound and economic recommendation as input for your decision-making.

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