Michael Clemens, your consultants in geotechnics Michael Clemens, your consultants in geotechnics
Making sure your development doesn't sink into the mire

Whatever you intend to build, you want it to be firmly embedded in the ground and not sink into the subsoil unexpectedly. 

This doesn't mean that your foundations have to be laid with both belt and braces. Building securely does not automatically mean incurring high costs. 

Some expert advice from specialists in their field can often help to avoid the need for elaborate and costly foundations. 

space Foundation Work

Foundation Work

Our modern surveying equipment allows us to carry out foundation surveys for a wide range of construction projects (e.g. residential and commercial buildings, road and pipeline beds, rain storage ponds, earth dams etc.). 

Our foundation soil reports include foundation recommendations optimised from a technical and economic viewpoint for each individual case. Potential additional costs for foundation engineering works (due to bad subsoil, groundwater, artesian water etc.) can be taken into account early on in the planning phase.

Our scope of work also includes supervision and monitoring of earth-moving and foundation work on site during construction. 

link Project example: Trinkgut Distribution Centre, Hamm
link Project example: Ecological improvement of the River Emscher
link Project example: Geological sections
link In collaboration with: IBGHaus NRW GmbH

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