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Working with SPR Scan Geo-Radar

We use a SPR Scan Geo-Radar with a 250, 500 or 1,000 megahertz aerial for radar investigations of subsoil. The choice of aerial depends on the required exploration depth. 

Short impulses of electromagnetic energy waves sent from the aerial are reflected on discontinuities of the dielectricity and received by an aerial, processed accordingly and shown on the display of the calculation unit. Thus a vertical cross-section 
(B-scan) of the subsoil develops along the linear route covered by the geo-radar.

space Georadar in use application

Using this investigation method, pipes and obstacles, unevenness and deformations in the subsoil, e.g. underneath asphalt surfaces or concrete floors, can be recognised and localised without causing any damage. Alternatively, a three dimensional picture of the subsoil can be generated. In this case the appliance is driven over the ground evenly along a grid (so-called C-scans).

Exploration depths range from 0.2 to 8.0 m depending on the subsoil conditions and the aerial used.

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